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Summit Glory

國別 : 瑞典

專項 : 戶外功能服裝

Summit Glory 品牌介紹


 A deep northern arctic region in Sweden called Lapland, inhabited by the native Samit, their settlements could be dating back to 9,600 years ago during the Ice Age.  They began to enter the nomadic life until 16th century, where they were living in the forest in winter and feeding reindeer in the mountain highlands in summer.  This way of life was making Samit a unique culture of outdoor sports.  Later on, the Samit-related activities such as skiing, hiking, camping, became Sweden's favorite sports , meanwhile the 1700 KM of Scandinavian mountains are the most welcome destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

對於每一個薩米人,登上斯堪的納維亞山脈的山峰,是一項既刺激又危險的挑戰,需要克服重重險阻,更需要勇氣、膽識、技巧和良好的裝備,而大自然對登頂者的獎賞就是一覽無遺的壯麗美景。因此每一個登頂者都被稱為:Peak härlighet(瑞典語),對應的英文:Summit Glory,意思即為巔峰榮耀。2001年瑞典薩米人JAN,便以此榮耀創立了旅行戶外品牌Summit Glory,希望讓更多熱衷戶外、旅行的愛好者,都能使用最專業的戶外裝備,去體驗Summit Glory的冒險精神,攬盡巔峰之美。

For everyone of Samit, boarded the mountain peaks of Scandinavia, is an exciting and dangerous challenge. It need to overcome numerous obstacles and require courage and wisdom, skills and great equipment.  And the panorama of spectacular views is the great reward from nature.  Each Samit will be called: Peak härlighet( Swedish ), the English is : " Summit Glory " , meaning the great honor for Samit who get on the top of mountains. In 2001, the Swedish Samit JAN, established this outdoor brand" Summit Glory ", hope to make more professional outdoor equipment for outdoor and travel enthusiasts, to experience the spirit of adventure of Summit Glory.

Summit Glory 專業戶外服裝,設計理念來自於世界各地的專業戶外人員、運動選手、旅行專家,特別針對嚴酷的戶外環境及旅途研發設計;同時選用經過認證檢驗的優質面料,精良的生產工藝,來為愛用者提供最專業的戶外及旅行裝備,也為每一位Summit Glory 愛用者提供乾爽舒適的穿著體驗、以及戶外活動過程中周全的身體防護。

The designing knowledge for outdoor apparels of Summit Glory are always provided by professional outdoor enthusiasts, sporting athletes, travel experts according to the harsh environments they experienced.  All the apparels were well built by excellent fabrics and sophisticated of production process, to provide our customers comfortable of wearing experience, and well protection during activities.